The Masturbatory Arts

jennifer1015 | 09.08.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy gives sincere thanks to the House Mistresses (curtsy) for providing such wonderful guidance in this sissy’s control and masturbation. At one time, this sissy just stroked cock to porn like many other males, quick, easy, and whenever he desired. Now, because of the House rules, and this sissies desire to please and respect Superiors, this sissy only masturbates when s.he is allowed and, because s.he was such a good little sissy, s.he felt like s.he earned the privilege granted to by Superiors and Mistress of the House (curtsy).

So, on special day, this sissy wants to take time to prepare for this privilege that the House has so graciously granted to This sissy’s will first shave all over so that s.he is nice and smooth. Then, after showering, this sissy will rub Olay body lotion for a nice feminine scent. With a touch of favorite perfume on wrists, s.he slips into pretty panties and s.he is ready to make love with h.erself. This sissy lays down on bed with her iPhone, headset and lubricant. This sissy will then softly run hands across smooth body and s.he quivers as s.he imagines what it would feel like to have a Master running his hands across smooth skin as he prepares to fuck in sissy-pussy. This sissy caresses own breasts and gently pinches sensitive nipples (which s.he loves!) as s.he wonders how real breasts would feel and how they would make a much better sissy.

The nipple play continues throughout until climax. This sissy then moved wrists close to her nose so that s.he could smell the fragrance of perfume, which nearly puts over the edge. As this sissy becomes more and more excited in sissy femininity, s.he plays one of favorite hypno videos, Sissy Dreams 2, which lasts over twenty minutes. As this sissy watches the pretty sissies on the video, s.he imagines that someday s.he will be the same way as s.he become more excited. This sissy then slowly slides hands into panties, and with her little sissy clitty pointing toward sissy-pussy, s.he begins to gently massage clitty in a circular motion. This sissy has a pathetic little clitty, that could never satisfy a Woman like a real man, so it remains soft throughout entire love making session.

This sissy then brings knees up and spreads legs wide open, just as a Woman when feeling pleasure anticipating a nice hard cock! As s.he becomes more excited, this sissy begins to roll hips back and forth, with the desire to feel a cock entering sissy-cunt. This sissy begins to rub her clitty faster and pinch nipples harder and when s.he is close to climax, s.he slides a lubed finger into her sissy-cunt. Ugh, the climax is glorious! Sometimes there is hesitation to eat cum but s.he is beginning to look at it as a reward for a job well done so s.he brings her hand to mouth and licks up all the cum like the pathetic little sissy whore s.he felt like a few moments ago. This sissy then put on some fresh panties and thigh highs to reinforce acceptance that s.he is a sissy.

This sissy thanks her Superiors and Mistresses of the House for assignments that continually modify and reinforce this sissy’s behavior. After only a few weeks s.he is much more comfortable with the thought of being a sissy (as if s.he has a choice) and hopefully that will prevent from running away and purging as s.he has done in the past. For that alone, this sissy is most graciously thankful. This sissy is also far more cognizant of somehow serving Woman throughout day. Sometimes it’s simply being polite, talking gently, and being a better listener. This sissy humbly thanks all the House Mistresses for providing such enlightening assignments that will make this sissy a much better sissy to better serve Superior Woman. This sissy most humbly hopes to move on to anal submission to continue behavior modification sissy training.

hugs and kisses (curtsy)
sissy jennifer


  1. sissy-jennifer

    Madame Stewart (curtsy), thank You so much ? for Your encouragement . This sissy feels so happy to be granted the privilege to be a sissy in training to such a wonderful Mistress and to be granted the privilege to be part of Your community (curtsy). This sissy is definitely making progress to be a better sissy with Your guidance.

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