sissy size it!
shysissymaxxy | 07.31.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

To complete this Assignment this sissy had to work out various sizes for my clothing, some of them were already known but a good sissy knows her sizes so she can shop correctly and what kind of sissy would i be if i didn’t?

After a quick measuring session (Whilst in panties and heels of course!) the results were in!

This sissys sizes were as follows:

Size A cup
Size 8 panties
Talls size xxxl
Womens 26W
Shoe size 11

With that this sissy was fully measured and satisfied and promptly bought a lot of clothes on Amazon! Before then determining what type of body this sissy had which turned out to be a Begonia a lovely name and flower, but this sissy always preferred tulips and so begins the diet and waist training regimen to bring out the body that men will lust after.

i hope this first essay was up to your standards Mistresses and i thank you for taking your time to read this and to build such a wonderful site for girls like me to truly blossom from.

maxine x

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