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Measuring for upcoming shopping spree

phileine | 05.16.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Dear Mistress,

Because this sissy needs some new cloth’s she has been measuring her self. This sissy know’s she is a little heavy so she has been ‘feminizing’ her diet. This means this sissy takes care to eat more vegetables and overall healthier. It is starting to pay of because this sissy has lost a couple of kilo’s in the last weeks.

This sissy has taken the measurements described in the assignment:
bust 116 cm 46 inch
waist 106 cm 42 inch
hips 110 cm 43 inch
between hips and waist 22 cm 9 inch
band 114 cm 45 inch
breast 118 cm 46 inch
cup small B

Skirts in various lenghts:
just covering this sissies buttocks: 36 cm 14 inch
just above knee: 63 cm 25 inch
just over knee: 82 cm 32 inch
ankle length: 117 cm 46 inch

shoulder and arm: 85 cm 33 inch
Various lengths of dresses:
just covering this sissies buttocks: 78 cm 31 inch
just above knee: 105 cm 41 inch
just over knee: 124 cm 49 inch
ankle length: 159 cm 63 inch
Because this sissy has not got such a small waist yet, wearing a belt should not make to much of a difference.

This sissy thinks woman and especially sissies should not wear pants, but has taken the needed measurements anyway:
outside of leg 117 cm 46 inch
inside leg 76 cm 30 inch

This sissy finds the measurements systems of women’s clothing quite complex. Therefore she will need to study this assignment repeatedly until she can dream all of her sizes of clothing she can wear.

This sissy finds that she has a body type that resembles a Begonia. And therefor she should really restrain herself when choosing patterns and shapes.
This sissy will use her new acquired knowledge to buy some new feminine clothing to wear.
This sissy is thankful for these practical and useful assignments.
This sissy is falling in love with The House of Sissify more every day.

Sincerely, phileine


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