Mistress First

satinslider | 08.13.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

A good sissy always thinks of Mistress first. the sissy’s needs r not important. only Mistress can command a sissy. the sissy must follow all commands form Mistress. Mistress wants and needs are all that a sissy cares about. a good sissy is always subservient to her Mistress. Women really rule the world men are just toys to be used and abused. A sissy is aware of Mistress needs before she asks. sissies always please their man no matter what he asks. He is in complete control of the sissy’s body and mind. she willingly gives her mind to him for control and hypnosis. she will submit to His hypnosis always and do what ever he commands. her duty becomes his desires. This is the making of a good sissy girl.


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