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molly has a secret

secretly_molly | 05.26.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

Hello House Staff *curtsy* and fellow Sisters,

This report is about being a secret sissy, as you may have read in this sissy’s profile s.he started wearing panties at the age 16 from there s.he tried a dildo for the first penetration ,and OMG it was good from there s.he know s.he was hooked but wasn’t sure what to call herself soon s.he got a few girlfriends and while s.he liked women there was something missing S.he often stole panties from girlfriend and other friends wives. Soon s.he got married and while her Wife was into a few different things she seemed to really like pegging this sissy. A few years later she asked if I was taking her panties and dildos and moving them around, so This sissy felt S.he was caught and confessed to everything…as of this day only 5 people know that I cross-dress and I love being a girl. I hope this meets The House requirements.

Yours with Love and servitude,


  1. margeaux

    thanks for sharing! this sissy can’t imagine how you must have felt having confessed your sissy lifestyle to each person you shared your sissy secret with. Be brave, honey! XOXO

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