Wanking 101
sissychrissy9 | 09.24.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy was excited for h.er first special day after joining the House. s.he got home from work and stripped down to her panties and spent some time reading h.er approved fantasy and the Wanking Assignment. s.he then crawled into bed and laid on h.er back with her knees in the air. s.he pulled out h.er clitty and began stroking it with h.er thumb and forefinger with repeating to h.erself “chrissy is a sissy slut”. This sissy shot h.er sissy cummies after only a minute all over h.er fingers and belly. This sissy then slowly licked, kissed and sucked all of h.er cummies off of h.er fingers just like they were real cocks before scooping up the rest from her belly and eating it too. Afterwards this sissy took a nice shower changed into a fresh clean pair of pink lacy panties and got ready for bed.

This sissy thanks the House and all h.er Mistresses for her special day – hugs and kisses

sissy chrissy


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