Lust for Lace!
bettereveryday | 07.06.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

The sissy has waited three days for her Special day to arrive on her Masturbation Schedule. The sissy started looking through the wonderful pictures in the lovely in Lust For Lace area.

She imagined herself dressed as the beautiful girls in the pictures and slowly started to play with her little sissy clitty. In her imagination she became the beautiful models, felt on her skin the lovely lace and satin caressing her body. As she looked through more and more of the sexy pictures her body began to pulse with desire. She imagined being in all the slutty poses that the girls in the pictures were in, until her passion erupted with wave after wave of pleasure.

The sissy had read in the assignment that a sissy should eat her own cum, so she started to swipe up the cum with her fingers and greedily suck all the cum off. She cleaned and tasted her cum until not a drop was left.


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