My new journey

jessica13 | 07.03.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

Hello Mistress’s (gives a little bow)

This sissy was not sure where to put this report so the resolution seemed to make the most sense this sissy is new to the site and starting a new journey.

Your sissy took the weekend to get herself dressed up school outfit as she embarked on her learning journey to make herself a better sissy. Being dressed made this sissy very excited and made her clitty hard but like a good sissy she kept clitty in panties tucked away. Your sissy really enjoys dressing and hopes that time here will help learn to refine look and please Superiors.

While this sissy has had some training in the past s.he is eager to start here and already feels the excitement of new journey to be the best sissy s.he can be and hopes that reports and actions will please The House. There is a long way for this sissy to go and s.he now realizes how much s.he has to learn but is eager.


Your sissy has submitted photos for your approval of her dressed as she looked over the various assignments and wrote her report.





Something to share sweetie?