look at that pathetic penis!
jsmithcici | 07.31.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

When this sissy was trying to be a man, sissy was always so ashamed of her penis size. It is very small and never could please a Woman. In fact sissy was laughed at on more than one occasion as it was too small to stay in. Even erected it is pathetic. However, it makes the perfect sissy slitty. Tucking it is so easy as it is easy to just push it inwards and it stays. sissy’s panties always looks smooth without any problem. sissy is no longer ashamed of her endowment, sissy is very proud that she has a natural sissy slitty. sissy feels sorry for those sisters that have to work at being tucked because of their large sissy clitties. sissy is very lucky that sissy’s slitty is naturally tucked.



jimmie was a good sissy and added this photo when requested


  1. yes, jimmie – sissies like you and penny are better off acknowledging that s.we have pencil dicks and could never satisfy a real woman. i only wish i could permanently get rid of mine (as well as my ovaries, which are proportionately somewhat larger) and move on to my lot in life.


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