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Obtaining professional make-up advice

evahouchin | 07.09.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Mistress Gabriella decided that it was time this sissy purchased a new wig and makeup. Mistress insisted that we go together to a busy shopping precinct on a Saturday afternoon. Despite my apprehension this sissy obediently complied. As this sissy walked alone in the Main Street looking for Mistress s.he was seized with panic. What if She was playing a trick on this sissy and was not meeting sissy? To my great relieve this sissy found Mistress. This sissy then felt save under he.r Superiors protection.

At the wig shop the assistant sat this sissy in a chair near the front window in full view of passers by. Mistress and the lady assistant fussed over me and discussed the relative merits of the various wigs. Several wigs were tried on and finally a shoulder length blonde wig selected . The assistant told this sissy how lucky I was to have the advice of a lady like Mistress.

On leaving the shop in my new wig, Mistress insisted that we go to the Mac shop to buy some make up. This sissy went into a panic when she called the young sales girl over and sat sissy on a stool in the middle of a busy shop! The sales girl than undertook a full exercise on this nervous sissy discussing my features, skin tone etc. whilst other shoppers milled around.

Although this sissy was extremely apprehensive at the start s.he loved the wonderfull outing and purchased lots of beautiful makeup. The makeup tips passed onto this sissy by Mistress and the sales ladies have proved to be invaluable and has given this sissy more confidence in facing the outside world.



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