Oh my…bright, sparkly Pink nails!

sissygurlk8 | 08.10.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This sissy is currently wearing a new pedicure of a very bright, very sparkly, very Pink nail polish on her toes!

This sissy had some free time on her hands yesterday after finishing her chores and having the house to herself. S.he took a nice long, hot shower and waxed any stray hairs off of her toes and feet. This sissy then trimmed and filed her toe nails and applied a fresh base coat of her new Essie First Base. This sissy let that harden sufficiently before picking a sparkly bright pink shade of color from Sinful Colors, called Forget Now. This sissy is usually only brave enough to wear very pale polish, so s.he is nervous and giddy to have such a wonderfully pink polish on her toes.

This sissy carefully applied a second coat of color and finally a clear top coat, while s.he sat beside her bedroom window in the sun. This sissy loved the feminine moment of taking such care of her appearance while watching the sunny July day. Knowing that no one else would know he.r secret. This sissy has been wearing small micro-socks around the house a lot lately, so s.he doesn’t think that he.r S.O. will think anything strange about he.r wearing them now.

This sissy doesn’t know how long she’ll be able to keep the color on her nails, but she will enjoy every minute that she can.

Hugs and Kisses – sissy kate


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