Ladies Finery

Oh for the past!

jsmithcici | 06.14.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

Madame Stewart, what an interesting and dark time it must have been when beautiful Ladies wore their hats, new dresses, and gloves and marched in the Easter parade.

What wasn’t beautiful about it was that Women’s rights were limited. As women gained more rights these kind of traditions had less relevance and were a reflection that Women were merely a pretty picture that, if they worked, were typically teachers or nurses.

Now Women are doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. Society is beginning to recognize that Females are the Superior gender as They occupy greater Leadership roles.

It is up to sissies to revive the tradition of Easter bonnets and white gloves. This sissy thinks it would be great if Easter parades became a tradition again with sissies writing sonnets about their Easter bonnets. sissies in petticoats, Mary Janes, white gloves, and Easter bonnets parading for their Superiors and vying for a prize in the “best dressed sissy” contest. This sissy would work very hard to make her Mistress so proud.


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