Maid Service
rosycheeks | 06.08.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has been meditating on this Assignment for more than a week and she is struck by how often her desire to serve has been tinged with what she will get in return. Now, T/those out side of the community give us messages that reinforce that mindset. Usually with money, often with sex.

As this sissy has come to understand it, true servitude must be focused on the other. With that Other Being Superiors. And that the choice to give a reward of some kind isn’t to be expected by this sissy. Indeed if a Superior is pleased enough to give her a reward it merely gracefully accepted with joy and gratitude.

Over the last few days, this sissyhas been given the opportunity to put the above into practice. On Sunday a Domme(Miss) contacted her and after a short conversation asked her to write an erotic story. She gave sissy a description of what She wanted to see. The contend that Miss wanted involve “cbt”, “ball busting” among other sadistic elements. This sissy is not particularly ariused by anything included, but the story wasn’t for her. It was for Miss’s pleasure.
sissy spent a large part of the day writing out the story according to Her instructions. And when finished Miss said that she enjoyed it and that was all the reward that sissy received and that the happiness and contentment she felt at that praise was all that sissy could ask for.

Miss did ask sissy her feelings afterward and sissy replied that the more exciting part was not the story itself but the fact that it was for Miss and the fact that She enjoyed it filled sissy with joy.

And that’s when I understood that for a sissy true selfless servitude is the best source of pleasure. Hopefully in tim sissy will understand that more deeply.
Addendum: sissy has not received permission to share Miss’s story or screenshots of O/our conversation so sissy.


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