annsmaid | 05.27.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Hello to Madame Stewart and all other staff members.

Please indulge sissy kendra for a moment as s.he attempts to provide her assignment report concerning shaving.
This sissy was instructed by Superior to remove all hair from body except for the neat triangular patch that resides just below panty line. That must be kept trimmed, with even edges and combed in a way to make it very feminine, pretty, and a badge of honor.

This girl has been shaved properly for over a decade, kendra’s Superior was very strict and if She found improper hair growth of insufficient care of sissy” body and skin care, appropriate action was taken so that kendra would understand what was expected of and emphasize the importance of maintaining a clean and smooth body.

This sissy uses several products that make shaving efficient and also provide for care of skin. The process kendra has developed, based on everything s.he has read or that was shared by girlfriends, is efficient, enjoyable, and pleasing to Superior.

This sissy begins with a nice warm bath with oils in the water to add protection to skin. After soaking for several minutes, s.he lathers up feet and carefully removes whatever hair might have developed in the past week. Once s.he is sure that there is no stray hairs left, s.he rinses feet and inspects them for a second time. If satisfied, s.he moves on to the next step. First s.he lathers one leg and, using long, steady strokes, shaves that leg, front, sides, and back, being careful not to nick herself, especially around the rear of the knee area, up to the junction of crotch area. When satisfied that s.he has done an excellent job, s.he repeats the process with the other leg. The next step in the process requires to stand and carefully shave rear end, being careful to shave the whole area of bubble butt. Once s.he completes that area and rinses her smooth tail end, s.he remains standing and carefully trims pubic hair, making sure the lines a neat and even. After she has rinsed that area, s.he sits back down in the tub and carefully shaves underarms. After insuring that her underarms are smooth and clean, s.he rinses razor and shaves upper chest area and breasts, being very careful not to nick nipples. When that part of the process is completed, s.he washes entire body with an exfoliator product and a loofah sponge. After cleaning entire body in this manner, s.he stands up and, using a large plastic glass, runs fresh water and pours the warm water over body in order to rinse it well. Now s.he is ready to step out of the tub and pat h.erself dry with a large absorbent towel. Once dry, s.he applies body moisture over entire body. kendra then slips into a robe and cleans the tub and bath room, puts everything away, loads the towels and other bath room items into the washer. s.he dabs a little White Diamonds in the right places and presents h.erself to Superior.

kendra hopes this report is complete and acceptable to my Superiors at The House of Sissify. Thank you for indulging this sissy.


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