Ladies Finery

The perfect hat for every outfit!

laurianna-payot | 11.07.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

This little sissy gratefully curtseys to Mistress. this little sissy loves Women’s Studies and is so grateful to absorb all the training lessons that s(he) can find here. this little sissy absolutely adores hats and gloves. s(he) has two large broad-brimmed straw hats for summer which s(he) has just set aside for her favorite hat for autumn, a wide-(flat)-brimmed church hat in deep crimson with a black-bowed silk ribbon which she loves to wear until December. s(he) is looking forward to adding one or two stylish fur hats for winter and several lovely hats for spring (all with matching gloves) !!! s(he) is already dreaming of floral hats for spring and also dreams to have two or three cloche hats for wear at various times. this little sissy knows how satisfying it is to match her hats to her different outfits and will share news of all the additions and refinements to her hat collection to the Mistresses and to her sissy sisters at the House of Sissify !!!


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