pleasingly silky and smooth plaything

laurianna-payot | 11.07.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This little sissy curtsies worshipfully before Mistress and thanks Mistress ever so gratefully for Her Encouragement and Instruction about the importance of keeping her entire body smoothly shaven and silky soft. this little sissy has intently studied her sissy training lesson in sissy shaving. this little sissy keeps her body completely hair free as well as s(he) can. s(he) shaves her arms and her legs and her entire body three times a week to maintain this and lovingly nurtures her skin by alternately gently massaging aloe vera and moisturizing creams into her entire skin surface to help keep it soft and nourished after each of thrice-daily showers, morning, afternoon and before her bedtime (aloe vera only). this little sissy just adores being silky soft and smooth. s(he) is so distressed that horribly ugly and irritating stubble appears within only two days after her shaving and is planning to use an epilation device as well but only delicately and in places at first to avoid any harsh irritation to her skin. after this little sissy begins hormone replacement therapy she so hopes that her hair will become fuller and silkier on her crown and more sparse and less coarse everywhere else. this little sissy is blessed to have relatively light male body hair. this little sissy is going to search online for other ways to completely eliminate her unsightly body (and facial) hair. she has looked into laser hair removal but has found this method to be so abusively expensive that s(he) just wants to go out and find her own magical laser wand. this little sissy thanks Mistress with all her sweet and grateful feminized heart for Her Wise Guidance and Loving Encouragement. this little sissy just dreams of becoming the sweetest and ever-perfecting feminized pet and plaything and servant to the Superior Female. s(he) has always been born and destined to be such a sweet feminized plaything and pet and servant. with all her adoring obedience and grateful worshipful love, laurianna


  1. geri

    Over a period of about 10 years, this sissy has used a combination of laser hair removal and electrolysis to remove almost all the hair on he.r legs, chest, tummy, and face. s.he shaves underarms and face every other day.
    As for eyebrows, they have been shaped nicely through electrolysis into a nice feminine arch. All this girl has to do is a little plucking once in awhile. It’s funny but s.he never get comments on their shape, but s.he knows people must notice.
    As for pubic area, s.he has been getting brazilians for years. This is so thrilling being at the mercy of the asthetician as removes the hair from the sac and pube area. She also does the rear making it so soft and smooth.
    What makes this even more special is that the Aesthetician gets to view this girl in her panties. While s.he dresses in skinny jeans and fem t shirt, s.he always wears panties. And….. s.he always wears makeup to appointments.

  2. Madame Stewart

    I think you did the Assignment well honey, but I have one helluva time reading your reports. So many words, such little punctuation – or paragraphs maybe? Distill your thoughts and be succinct without limiting your enthusiasm!

    1. laurianna payot

      this little sissy curtsies gratefully to Madame Stewart. this little sissy knows how silly and emotional and effusive s(he) can be and promises promises promises to be more careful in all of her forthcoming submissions to Madame Stewart, Whom s(he) so Completely Adores and Worships, and to All the Staff of the House of Sissify. this little sissy is now so embarrassed and humiliated for the length and meandering nature of her last submission “Sissy Walk” although s(he) worked so devotedly on it and was so thrilled to send it. this silly little sissy will resubmit her “Sissy Walk” report before submitting further reports of her valuable lessons.

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