kiss My toes!

The pleasure of a foot massage

tvtamarahh | 11.06.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Madame Stewart, dear Staff of the House,

Today this sissy learned the perfection and the importance of foot worship. It’s is essential to treat a Mistress right. And a good and nice way to do this is a foot massage. This sissy worked two years at a five star wellness hotel in Germany and she got familiar with some good massage techniques with oil, hand pressure and voice. For me the voice is also an important part of a massage. The Mistress needs to relax. It is her right to be treated by her sissy. As you mentioned another way is the pedicure. This sissy will try it on my next real Mistress, when she finds her soon.

This sissy will do the next massage better than before with my knowledge of this cheater. sissy tamara is ready to serve the next set of feet.


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