Posture is key

annabellebrooks | 10.18.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Miss,

This sissy has finally completed the “Servitude” assignment as requested. As noted, it required this sissy to let go of all her “manly” desires and thoughts. It also required this sissy to let go of all thoughts of control or personal gain. This sissy’s life is to serve, not be served. This sissy initially had trouble maintaining such a submissive posture, but now it comes naturally. All of this sissy’s Superiors have noticed and compliment this sissy’s new and better posture. With the change in posture, this sissy now has even more submissive thoughts and only yearns to train more. This sissy hopes that Mistress will enjoy the new sissy and accept her services. This sissy also hopes Miss enjoys the photo submitted.


  1. Madame Stewart

    What makes you submissive? What are you doing to show a submissive posture? Isn’t it prideful to tell how much other Mistresses find you submissive, yet you give no examples of what submission is? RESUBMIT when you actually do the Assignment!

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