Practicing my Posture

sarasmile | 05.26.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors,

This sissy has felt lost recently. she feels committed to obedience and servitude, but without a Mistress to call her own, she has found it challenging to hold herself accountable.

Today, sissy decided to practice her posture and obedience. sissy hopes that one day, should her training be deemed adequate enough to please a Mistress, that her dedication to posture proves worthy.

sissy attempted to emulate each of the positions described and photograph them for Your approval, in kneeling, standing, punishment and worship poses. sissy dedicated herself to finding lighting and positioning that would show her positioning. sissy dreams of being photographed vulnerable by a Mistress for your approval, but today she had to rely on her camera’s timer.

sissy’s camera has a ten second timer and does not indicate when a photo has been taken, so after sissy assumed each position she stayed as still as possible for an appropriate amount of time . sissy wore her frilliest outfit, with a second petticoat, so that the photos would be most pleasing to her Superiors. she also wore her highest heels. sissy wishes to find higher heels, but her options are limited in size seventeen.

sissy hopes the attached photos are pleasing to You. Seeing them makes sissy yearn for a Mistress to call her own.

Love and Kisses,
sissy sara



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