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sally-4 | 07.15.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

I most humbly submit my silly sissy report on learning how to walk as a girly sissy.

most all of my beautiful everyday sissy closet is filled slim line skirts that zip in the back and dresses that are slim. i am constantly encouraging myself to learned how to gently sway as i walk and take little girl steps. i love to wear my heels all the time, even when i am cleaning my Sisters apartment or washing my and my sweet Sisters lingerie by hand and ironing our pretty things. my Sister is my strict council and guide into being an exceptable sissy. She often makes me cry with Her hurtful comments. i know She only wants me to be the best sissy i can possibly be, so i often find myself pleading for Her forgiveness for getting so upset. she try’s to be gentle with me, but i am such a stupid sissy and i forget everything i have been taught. i try so hard to walk as a Real Girl, i sometimes stumble on my heels after practicing for hours and my Sister will get upset with me, she will have me bring my hair brush to her she will spank me until i cry big sissy tears and i beg her to stop. We then start practicing my girly walk again from the very begining. my Sister is so patient with this silly stupid sissy. i am so fortunate to have someone like Her to take care of me. we have been practicing my girly walk every tuesday and thursday for months.

i hope and pray that this silly stupid sissy’s report meets with Mistresses approval.

sally (silly stupid sissy in training)


  1. obedient1inny

    Hi sweetie,

    A tip this sissy-slut has learned is try to always walk on a thin straight line. It forces a girls hips to sway back and forth with each step, helping to show off how sexy her tush is!

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