Proper Bathroom Etiquette

sissylisa | 05.09.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy began retraining her bathroom habits at the direction of her Mistress a year ago to accommodate wearing pantyhose during the day under her work trousers.

As i have embraced my sissy nature and now wear either Woman’s panties or pantyhose whenever possible (my Wife is unaware) and whilst i still use the gents bathroom, i have forfeited the right to stand and urinate like a Man.

In the colder months i am required to wear pantyhose and in summer i am permitted to wear sheer brief panties.

What started out as a emasculating task has now become normal habbit and i now enter the cubical, turning about face and lowing my trousers and then sliding my pantyhose/ panties down as i sit, ensuring my clitty is tucked into the bowel.

Just as a Woman would, i sit upright with my knees together and relax with my arms resting on my thighs. Once finished i neatly fold 2 sheets of toilet paper and dab my clitty dry and redress, ensuring everything is tucked back into position.

Upon flushing and exiting the cubical i was my hands and look at myself in the mirror, using a damp paper towel i lightly wipe my face to freshen up and dry my hands with the dryer, before making sure to adjust my clothing before exiting the room.

It is during this time alone i am able to sit and reflect on my newfound sexuality and allow my inner sissy out for a brief period of time, before covering it all up with my mens attire.


  1. terrina

    sissy terrina believes that sissylisa did a wonderful job explaining proper powder room mannerisms. Regardless of anything that might have been left out honey, your mindset is that of a woman now while in a man’s public restroom.

    P S. Yes don’t forget to powder your nose. ( If you can ).

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