Punishment of the errant sissy

jsmithcici | 07.19.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Many who think they are submissive really aren’t. Some people that call themselves submissive get off to being masochistic therefore when their “Master/Mistress” punishes or tortures them they derive pleasure from those activities. They are actually “role playing”.

A true submissive submits to the Superior’s demands and the true submissive exists to obey and serve their Superior. Those demands may be daily chores that are arduous and difficult. Those demands may be humiliating. Those demands may be in private or public. It really doesn’t matter what the demand is or if it’s in private or in public, the true submissive will obey the demand without any hesitation. The true submissive is dedicated to being the property of the Superior and fulfilling all demands without questions whether they be private or public.. A submissive recognizes that this is what they are, almost an obedient object that is dedicated to someone much stronger and in fact worshiping their Superior.

Periodically this sissy does make a mistake. One may strive for perfect submissiveness but while it should be a goal it is not always reality. For example sissy might be asking why she has to do something a certain way or trying to debate with Mistress or negotiate a demand. These are definitely a sissy trying to be something other than what a submissive sissy should be. In this sissy’s case Mistress doesn’t tolerate that. Once Mistress expresses Her displeasure sissy will immediately acknowledge her failure and confess and beg for forgiveness. In this sissy’s life the confession is only the first step. Mistress will never just accept an apology. Mistress also punishes sissy and that punishment can take many forms. For example, Mistress has been known to send sissy to a very hot storage area in the house and that is small and very snug. Mistress may want to have sissy sit in this little dark, hot room and think about sissy’s behavior. A couple of hours in there does wonders for sissy’s future behavior.

Punishment might also be just an old fashion “chewing out”. Done correctly it can be very effective and very humbling. Nothing can make one feel more inferior, humiliated, and shamed than the One sissy worships calling her out for her transgression. sissy thinks this may be the most effective punishment as sissy hates to disappoint Mistress.

Once the punishment has been administrated sissy should thank her Superior for caring about sissy enough to take Her valuable time to direct and guide sissy to be more dedicated to serving without thinking.

Summing up, a true submissive is not seeking masochistic pleasure, a true submissive is seeking to serve. This submissive is a sissy that is truly submissive as she seeks to only serve Mistress.



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