Maid Service

Putting herself below Women

sissybecky-2 | 06.14.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistress,

In The Zen of Servitude sissy learned to let go of her own thoughts and feelings and let the desires of her Superiors control her. To serve is the purpose of a sissy’s life. Through training this will come natural. She will adopt a passive, emotional and self effacing stance, be giving and reliant, obedient, soft and smooth. Skills to improve upon are cooking and cleaning and keeping the proper submissive posture under all conditions. Putting herself below Women is a daily practice for sissy.



  1. joanne summers

    This sissy spends a lot of time driving with he.r job. Since reading The Zen of Servitude s.he has begun to look for opportunities to help Women drivers by letting them pull out in front of he.r or letting them change lanes in front of he.r. This sissy will also stop and let Women cross the street in front of he.r.

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