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Down the Rabbit Hole – Descent Report

heidi | 07.25.2017 | Reports - Getting Real


This sissy faggot is writing to report recent events in her sissification. came into my life at a time when urges for submission and feminization had reached a plateau. It was a closeted, private and somewhat lonely experience, where I would dress for occasional wanking inspiration, but rarely otherwise.

Then this sissy came out to her Wife. Yes, that is a big step, but I had grown confident that She would be able to deal with my reality. This sissy trusted in the power of Love, and wasn’t disappointed. Wife understood and accepted, and it has been a joy to emerge from the closet and to feel safe and comfortable. Since then, dressing with the Wife has been an occasional indulgence, although I realize that She doesn’t get quite as aroused by my lingerie as I do! She is involved in my “alternate identity,” but only to the extent that She feels comfortable. Sissy senses that this level of comfort is expanding with time, but it is also wise to be patient. This sissy doesn’t really see Wife as a natural dominant, but She is open-minded, and that counts for a lot.

Wife took me out shopping on the day after the Big Decloseting, and bought an entire sissy wardrobe. Suddenly half of this sissy’s closet was full of yummy, sexy girl stuff, and s.he can dress whenever The Urge strikes.

Guess what? The Urge strikes all the time now! Something about coming out was like pouring gasoline on a fire. This sissy’s mind has slowly turned to mush. I still work in boi drab, but every spare moment is spent dressing, shopping, dreaming or deepening my sissification through hypnosis. It feels delicious!

The Wife is at work today. Sissy took the day off. Couldn’t help it. (Has anyone ever remarked that sissification is addictive? Just kidding…)

Last year this sissy would have spent such a day wanking in a pair of pantyhose, then feeling guilty. Today is different. Sissy is dressed as a completely feminized slut, including a white Basque with blue lace trim and garters, light blue RHT stockings, strappy 4″ blue heels, flower panties with a slinky mini-dress over top. Thanks to Amazon, accoutrements include 33DD breast forms, a blond wig, bright red lipstick, long opera gloves and poorly applied makeup. Clitty is locked in a nice plastic cage. While not smooth, sissy has been experimenting with shaving. The outfit is completed by a seven-inch pink rubber strap-on that this sissy wears proudly as a symbol that her clitty is in the penalty box. Wife likes the strap-on better anyway.

Such is the slippery slope at the edge of the Rabbit Hole.

The surprising things about these changes are the rapidity and intensity of the experience. Sissy’s first thought upon awakening each morning is, “I am a submissive sissy faggot transvestite hypno-slave.” There is no longer any hesitation when The Urge to dress strikes. It is simply a reflexive, mindless process…must dress. Must be a sissy. Sissy is dressed under her boi clothes at work most days.

The most surprising, arousing, frightening and exciting thing about the experience: I want to go DEEPER!



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