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vanessa_tg | 08.02.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

My dear Superiors,

sissy vanessa would like to apologies for taking so long in completing her first assignment. Upon reading the required material within The Zen of Servitude Assignment she has realised that everything starts in a sissys mind. a sissy must realise that she will always be inferior to her Superiors, and that her actions stemming from this must always be for the benefit of her Superiors’ lives. Her masculine behaviours, the sense of entitlement and dominance, must be eradicated and replaced initially by passive obedience and, over time, feminine presentation and mannerisms; think voluntary becoming a “Stepford Wife”.

Further study by the sissy must take place to understand and anticipate the needs of the Superiors that she comes into contact regularly. As other sissys have realised this will take considerable effort and time through daily practice to begin to think like a Woman. It will only be through this and honest reflection in her behaviours, appearance and actions that a sissy will learn her true place, behind her Superior, eyes down, constantly trying to anticipate Her needs.

Yours humbly,

sissy vanessa


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