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This was really soooooh nice!

sissy-shi | 10.24.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Dear Mistresses,

sissy shi had her first Special Day today. Shi wore her panties, a bra, high heels, finger rings, an anklet with a sweet heart, and all her nails deeply pink polished. Lipstick too. This was amazing because this little slut did not touch herself for some days and so it was very exciting, also with the nice pictures of the House. With her red fingernails and the finger rings her hand was very feminine and it felt like an amazing woman would touch sissy’s clit. When spreading her legs she really felt so submissive and also so slutty.

When coming it was soooooh much, that sissy could not get it all onto her hands, so she had to collect it all from her body, and it tasted so salty.

Afterwards sissy shi felt so feminine, no thought to take of the clothes. She had a nice drink and enjoyed been fucked. Looking forward to the next special day to celebrate it again.

Respectful greetings.

sissy shi <3

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