Soul of Her Mistress

Recalibrate for service

precious_angie | 05.25.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Esteemed Superiors of the House,


This sissy would like to thank the House for the program on Servitude and the opportunity to consider how preciousangie’s mind and body need to be recalibrated so that she can play her proper role in life and Service.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the work-a-day world, where the daily grind of the job, the temptations of ego and ambition, and the requirements of serving a false master, sap sissy’s energy and trick her into self-centeredly thinking that she’s too tired to “go there.”

Paradoxically, through a commitment to Service, sissy finds energy, pleasure, satisfaction, and release. Service at the pleasure of Mistress feeds preciousangie’s life force and Surrender is the key to this Service – a key that Mistress keeps on a chain around sissy’s neck.

This assignment has helped preciousangie reflect on the proper devotion of sissy’s attentions and to recall the joy in the idea that this sissy’s submission, in her attitude, comportment, study, and training, please both the House and preciousangie’s Mistress. This sissy is so lucky that she gets to live in this way and that she is a part of a community that will support her – and hold her accountable! This sissy humbly thanks the House for the lesson.


  1. margeaux

    That is so inspiring how you acknowledge how a sissy could allow bad thoughts to corrupt her training. you acknowledge the many different ways a non-vigilant sissy could allow the world to bring her back into a life of maleness and selfishness. Great report and keep up the great work to change yourself and improve the world with your girlishness 🙂

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