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Redemption, submission and servitude

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Redemption: Curtsy Superiors; This sissy-in-training read and absorbed many of the ideals of the Zen of Servitude and desires to report on her progress. S.he won’t pretend that she doesn’t need more time in making the ideals a habit-knit element of sissy’s life style. But, sissy is a naturally submissive male in the presence of Women and has always been that way with strong Women. Now S.he finds herself promoting the inner strength of weaker Sissies with encouragement and deference.

sissy lives a life of submissiveness and deference to all Women; walking one pace behind and to the left of the lady S.he is with to be in position to open every door for the lady. When S.he is before a lady her eyes look down to the lady’s feet, looking into the Lady’s eyes only when spoken to. S.he finds everything the Lady dislikes doing and does them for the Lady prior to her asking; cleaning toilets, bathrooms, dishes, clothing, mopping, sweeping, yard work and handyman services. At every chance S.he offers personal services such as foot washing, foot and leg massage, a warm towel when the lady leaves the shower, always cleaning up after sex, and providing unlimited cunnilingus service.

With Women sissy displays submissiveness and deference, it’s part of sissy’s soul molded by great training which began when sissy was 16 and S.he came to work for a strong lady who owned and ran a commercial nursery business.

sissy was driving the delivery van and slid off the road one icy day doing limited damage and S.he returned to explain to Mrs. S what had happened, apologize and offer to pay for the damages. After a long silence Mrs S said “No, that was not acceptable”. In the silence that followed sissy didn’t know what to say. Once S.he was nearing tears Mrs S said “you don’t understand, the problem is your lack of discipline not your ability to apologize” then she went down a list of my failures in the work I’d been doing for her, in my grades at school, it my inconsistent performance in sports, and even my lack of a girlfriend. A few drops of tears betrayed that I knew she was right. My lack of focus caused the wreck, the dropped ball, the poor grades and lack of a girlfriend. After another long silence, Mrs S asked if I would like her to guide and discipline my life. I said yes without hesitating; I knew I needed it; I knew she was a great leader. She laid out the rules; report to her 6 days a week on-time-without fail or excuse, provide absolute obedience without questioning, receive punishment by paddle, Mrs S will review and coach in every element of my life and growth as a man. Her proposal sounded perfect for what sissy needed although S.he wasn’t too sure about the paddling; But, S.he was 6’1” 220lbs an athlete in top condition and had no fear of a spanking from a 4’4” 85 lb 50 something power Woman. Mrs S said, we’ll start now; go to my private office upstairs, take your shoes off and leave them outside I’ll be up shortly. Never wear your dirty shoes in my private office.

sissy went into the office and decided to stand, feeling uncomfortable at the idea of being seated when Mrs S arrived. The moment Mrs S entered the office she directed sissy to kneel at her discipline bench which looked much like a kneeler in the Catholic Church sissy attended. sissy was instructed to kneel then extend her hands over the top reaching through the hand hole to hold onto the grips inside. Then Mrs S closed the stock locking sissy’s wrists for the duration. Mrs S said we would always start with discipline, a spanking for every transgression and to intensify training. She said sissy was going to understand the penalty for his carelessness with the truck. She slid a bar through the kneeler behind sissy’s knees locking her in place. Mrs S said there is no longer an option to turn back. Then she slowly undid sissy’s belt, pulled down her pants and undershorts then commenced to paddle sissy. Mrs S told sissy that if she lied, wined, begged, screamed out or tried to make excuses for her actions S.he would receive 5 additional paddle swats for each such violation. Mrs S said sissy must learn to hold in the pain and convert it to attention and future performance. By the 25th swat of that paddle sissy was bawling uncontrollably and swearing she understood and would not make the mistake of taking her eyes off the road again.
At that point Mrs S hung her paddle, pulled the bar from behind the knees, threw the latch to free sissy’s wrists and said stand up, get dressed and pull yourself together in the bathroom. Mrs S said sissy could use her facility provided would never stand to pee on a toilet again. sissy learned to vacuum her office, organize and file, empty the trash, dust the furniture and move things as Mrs S directed. Then she told sissy that she had bathroom cleaning and personal services left. She showed sissy to the bathroom, told me how she wanted sissy to clean the toilet, the floor, the sink, the mirrors, walls and Shower. sissy waited for her to leave but she told sissy she would wait for her to remove everything then take them for cleaning. She was going to start sissy on a new uniform after the shower. She watched as sissy began to take my clothes off. She said that I should always look at her feet when in her presence, unless she was speaking to me in which case I should look into her eyes. She told me when we walk together I would walk one stride behind and one to her left so that I could open all doors and do her biding. I did the cleaning and she inspected, telling me that I must get used to being in her presence with her fully dressed and me nude it would strengthen me for future endeavors. She told me to take a shower and clean the shower as I finish. Then to dry off, put on my undies, and come into the office to complete my personal duties. All the soaps, shampoos and skin locations smelled like roses, I had to use them but I liked the smell and the feel.

When I dried off I looked for my clothes and remembered she said I’d have a new uniform but it wasn’t there. Instead of my tidy whitey’s there was a pair of red nylon panties. With no other choices I put the panties on, knocked on her door for permission to enter her office and waited until she said to do so. She said my uniform would be ready soon, and she was glad I followed instructions and put on the red panties. She told me from now on I’d be wearing lady’s panties every day under whatever clothes I have on. She said the panties would keep my mind focused – I couldn’t say anything just remembering my duties. She was sitting at her desk with her legs raised by a device like a Barcalounger. She told me to come to her and stand at her side, I stood to her left and slightly behind her. She asked if my bottom was still sore from the paddling and I said it was. She responded “as it should be”. She told me to kneel before her and to begin by polishing her shoes. She told me she wanted a spit-shine explaining that I’d do it with my tounge not by spitting on a Lady’s shoes; and I did. I took pride in bringing a mirror shine back to her 4” black heels. When I had finished she told me to remove her shoes, and her nylons without touching her female parts. Then I was instructed to give a foot, ankle and leg massage. She seemed to enjoy the massage giving instructions on what she wanted me to do. It was almost erotic for me knowing I was doing personal things for this wonderful Lady. When I finished she told me it was appropriate to kiss the tops of her toes to signify my submission to her direction.

My discipline training continued with Mrs S until the time I was 19 years old. She had taken control of my athletics, dating, spare time, and work. She had told me there were three types of men; “sweet boys” like me with little penises like my 3.5”; the average guys with 4-7” penises who served most Women, and Stallions with 9-14” cocks that got any Women they wanted. She convinced me to not allow girls to touch my penis and to prevent me from trying to put the little thing in Women-saying it would just frustrate them. She trained sissy in the art of cunnilingus so S.he could service the Lady’s coming into her life in the future. sissy practiced these skills Dailey on Mrs S. She had convinced sissy to stop masturbating as it impacted performance in sports and learning; so she substituted prostrate massage weekly. Mrs S would capture the ejaculate in a brandy sniffer and had convinced sissy that I must eat my own cum as it had a protein content that would help with my sports performance. Late in our time together she supplemented sissy’s cum eating by arranging for her Stallion to deposit his cum in her lady parts and feed that to sissy. She brought her Stallion in to feed sissy his protein infused cum directly but after a few such encounters sissy panicked with the fear of becoming a faggot and ended the work with Mrs S then moved on to a military life. But, S.he still remembers when it was ice and slush in the parking lot sissy would carry Mrs S in her arms so her freshly polished shoes stayed pristine. S.he doesn’t think there is anything S.he would not have done for Mrs S. sissy’s feelings for this Lady transferred to her life experience with all the Ladies who have been in it. sissy even moved past her faggot fears and learned to love serving males.


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    sissy loved reading this dissertation. Somehow it rang true to life as a sissy. The only other comment this sissy has to offer is s.he ‘wishes’ s.he had to take the protein direct from the Stallion.

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