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ren’s special day

ren | 09.12.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Dear Superiors.

Curtsy, this sissy enjoyed Special Day. After dinner, s.he took a shower and cleaned up leg hair and gave herself an enema. Then s.he lubricated her anus and pushed in toy carefully. S.he was feeling better than other days because it was a masturbation in almost a week but s.he feel that something is came through sissy clit but s.he could not feel the sissy orgasm.

So this sissy decide wanking. after read the Training Assignment s.he rubbed sissy clit with a thumb and forefinger. it didn’t take a long . s.he took cum by hand.

This sissy was afraid to taste and eat her own. because the taste of her own cum, which s.he wondered when s.he was 12, was terrible. After a moment of hesitation, s.he tasted her own cum with a fingertip. Amazingly it was not such a terrible taste. It taste like creamy. Then s.he poured it into mouth and tasted it for a while and swallowed it. it’s creamy and some salty.. a little weird taste. but the feeling of being caught in the throat is still felt almost four hours later.

This sissy would like to wank a little more, but s.he is going to endure more week for the sissy orgasm.

Love and Kisses

sissy ren


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