Shaving Hawaii Style

caress | 02.12.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Staff,

Though agreeing with everything said by the Staff concerning sissy shaving, this sissy, having lived in Hawaii for many years, does not have a bathtub but an outdoor shower…and will not waste water by shaving in the shower. So, first wetting each area of the body to be shaved with a hot washcloth, and applying shaving cream, this sissy uses a razor ( now a woman’s razor) and removes all body hair. After which a shower is then taken, and drying the body in a big fluffy towel, a smooth, sensitive lotion is applied all over…making one to feel smooth and sensitive and feminine. This procedure has been followed for over 2 years now, and this sissy will never return to that previous hairy self. In fact, it is such a joy being hairless that one can even look forward to shaving.

Aloha to the Staff,

sissy caress


  1. Madame Stewart

    To finish your Assignment – next hotel room honey, you find yourself a big bathtub for the bubble bath. The state of femininity one can relax into from a big hot bathtub brimming with bubbles is something you cannot miss!

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