This sissy’s first worthless report.

annetteb | 02.17.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

Dear Superior Mistress,

It is with trembling and girlish longing that this sissy learns, for the first time, to share a part of of herself (to submit to be objectified and be otherwise worthless) with her superior mistress, submitting herself for inspection and assuredly disapproval. Her pathetic sissy clit is harshly tucked, and the sissy prays that it’s ugly insignificance is invisible. She is hampered by a plug of intimidating thickness, but why should the house care about this? It only the sissy’s torture to bear it. The sissy’s waist is pinched. She hopes her figure, carefully toned with hours of feminine workout regimes, can resemble girlish softness, less than the unfortunate male rigidness which has be inflicted on her.

This sissy longs to endure anything if it helps her to be attractive in her Superior Mistress’s eyes.

If it doesn’t trouble her Mistress to spare her wisdom and experience, this sissy would welcome criticism, however harsh, if it can help to improve the sissy’s demeanor, attitude or appearance.

With deep curtsy,

Miss AnnetteB


  1. Madame Stewart

    You poor pathetic thing! First lesson of today is to make Us want to read your report. If it’s worthless, why should We waste Our precious time? There’s so many girls that need Our attention – so honey – there’s a fine line in self deprecation and humility. We love the humility, but need you to have enough self worth that We can actually train you! That’s your criticism for today honey.

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