Shaving Legs
conny | 11.30.2015 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy conny is submitting he.r second report and most humbly wants to ask for Superiors at The House highly appreciated regard to this report.

Today conny feels ready for a girlie day and for some changes. Yes, it is panty slaves shaving day. Starting the day and preparing a nice breakfast with coffee, toasted bread with honey, soft boiled egg and wonderful cheese. Afterwards moving in the bathroom conny took a deep breath and overwhelming view of the morning sun.

Now conny prepared self under the hot shower and softened body and body hair by using “romance” bath and shower gel. The razor s.he took, allover s.he removed all the body hair from top to to feet by moving the razorblade firmly over the softened skin.

Gone are the times, having all over this useless body hair. The sign of old times, just rinsing down the sink. At that moment conny was starting to feel very girly. She filled the bath tub with lovely hot water by adding again a good amount of the wonderful “romance bath and shower gel”. Now was the time to start the “Best Relaxing Romantic Music” and taking a long bath and having girlish thoughts. After rubbing dry with a soft towel, sissy conny looked again at the result of the shaving. The skin was very nicely shaved and wonderful soft feeling. Some small spots s.he could find where small corrections were to do, and sissy did them. After learning that all was fine, the whole body was caressed with “romance body lotion”.
As you can see now, sissy is presenting herself smooth shaven, totally free of body hair well smelling and s.he is enjoying the feeling so much. Much more, sissy’s skin is feeling so girly smooth and sissy. After enjoying this wonderful assignment sissy is feeling more and more deeply submissive to the The House and their superiors.

deep curtsies
sissy conny


  1. The ambience you created for your bath was absolutely wonderful! Keeping yourself shaved is one of the most feminine reminders you can have about your girlishness – every day, no matter what role you are playing!

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