Servitude II

alissar | 12.19.2015 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Dearest Mistress,

Thank you so much for requiring this sissy to read the Zen of Servitude and redo her report. This pathetic sissy is so dearly sorry the she didn’t satisfy her Mistress’ requirements the first time. This sissy is pleased to bend herself not only to her Mistress’ will here on Sissify, but also to her natural Mistress. As this sissy read the required reading, she was pleased to realized that she was doing some of the required work and service to her Superior; such as making sure she is hairless weekly, dutifully doing her chores without being reminded daily, and attending to Mistress’ needs to have Her feet rubbed and pedicured weekly. However this sissy realized that she could be doing so much more to make her Superior’s live better and more easy. This humbles this sorrowful sissy to know that she can help Mistress by doing more of the cooking (sissy is a horrible cook, but she will work on it), by sitting and walking properly to remind sissy of her proper place of less than women and to learn from them…especially the mannerisms. And by listening to sissy’s Mistress to the subtle hints and ques of what she wants and needs. Thank you for bringing these requirement to this pathetic sissy’s attention. As always this sissy is always wearing her panties and ready to please her Mistress at Sissify and her Superior at home. This sissy looks forward to further instruction and required service from in in her next assigned assignment.

Your sissy,


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