Worship Your Mistress
lucylusissy | 12.19.2015 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship


This is a report to address this sissy’s Servitude part of the welcome assignments.

This sissy took care of her superior wife this morning by cleaning the kitchen, making coffee and fixing breakfast. The breakfast was a fried egg and a piece of toast which this sissy’s wife ordered. All this work was done while this sissy was dressed only in panties and a feminine exercise top.

The panties and top were purchased yesterday with the help of this sissy’s wife. Wearing only those clothes really helped this sissy learn her better place in servitude. This sissy’s wife said lucy lu looked cute dressed in just that. This sissy got excited but this sissy’s wife had to go to a meeting so this sissy is and will remain chaste. The excitement of wearing those clothes meant this sissy had to change into boy clothes to cool off but she did keep the panties on underneath it all.

The picture does show that this sissy has yet to shave her legs, arms and face. Although not visible in the picture this sissy does keep her underarms, chest and sissy clitty shaved smooth. The facial hair is a hold over from No Shave November. This sissy will remove all excess hair soon.

Hugs and kisses,

lucy lu


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