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The intense feminizing effect of shaving

lucylusissy | 01.04.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

lucy lu completed the shaving assignment!

lucy lu apologizes to Mistress for taking over a week to complete the shaving assignment from the time the assignment was made because the bathtub required cleaning and some repair before it could be used as a tub.

This sissy set up the bathroom by drawing a warm bath with added bath crystals. lucy lu also lit a candle to set the best possible sissy mood. The shaving was both sensual and serious for this sissy. The shaving act was serious because getting every hair off required a lot of concentration and flexibility for lucy lu. The act of shaving could almost be considered a yoga or stretching session. In addition, the shaving act was serious because lucy lu lost count of how many times she dropped the bar of Dove soap into the tub of water. lucy lu was a bit frustrated by the slippery soap bar but she did not get angry. The shaving act was sensual because the hairless skin is so extra sensitive that it is a delight to touch and be touched for this sissy.

In the past lucy lu has used electric razors, hair removal creams, and been waxed to achieve a similar hairless result as the shaving. None of those three options were so intensely feminizing as shaving in a candle lit bathtub full of warm water

Shaving in the warm bathtub and checking the final results felt so good to lucy lu that she feels more feminine than ever before. Part of the intensity could be because this is first time lucy lu’s arms have been hairless. Hairless arms are a positive delight for this sissy. All together this is the most relaxed lucy lu has been about her body. Thank you Mistress for the very excellent training assignment!

lucy lu stripped for her Wife and was given an A+ for the shaving results. lucy lu is so happy with the good grade on her first complete body shave!

Mistress please use the attached pictures to inspect the results of the shaving assignment and thank you again for the excellent training assignment!

Your submissive sissy
lucy lu


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