Zen of Servitude

brightbubble | 01.15.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy submitted her report for Zen of Servitude and was asked to resubmit it. She has re-read the article and understands better. For one, Women will always be superior to this sissy. Being a sissy is not about sexual pleasure. It is about learning one’s place in the world. This means that this sissy MUST always wear panties as a reminder that she is no longer a Man. She is lower than Men and Woman, and exists to serve both. She has already been focusing on her posture while sitting and walking. She always addresses her coworkers as Ma’am and Sir. She has been getting unusual looks, but feels good about this as she is now being noticed as subservient. This sissy also has been working to become more feminine in her personality. Focusing on her posture and feeling her panties, reminds her of her place. Her eye contact with Women has also reduced somewhat. This is beginning to bring her pleasure and comfort that she now knows what she is becoming.


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