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ambersdrawer | 02.01.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Superiors,

sissy had the day off work today, and was able to spend some serious time getting more in touch with herself. sissy jumped in the shower, but first removed her sissy clit chastity cage. (This is problematic, as sissy has the ability to remove it whenever she feels like it. However, sissy does her best to keep her clitty locked as much as possible until the day somebody takes her key).

Anyway, sissy proceeded to bath herself with vanilla yogurt body wash, getting her skin nice and soft. After rinsing, sissy pulled our her razor and feminine shaving cream. sissy shaved her legs, feet, and pubic region. she left just a landing strip above her clitty, since it makes her feel deliciously feminine. sissy also made sure to shave her boi-pussy, so that it is very smooth. sissy would hate for an opportunity to arise, and have her boi-pussy unattractive to her mate.

The warm water rushing over sissy’s shaved body felt so amazing, and gave her such a rush.

After drying off, sissy then proceeded to put Victoria’s Secret body lotion over her shaved regions. sissy smells wants to make sure she smells pretty for her Superiors.

Lastly, sissy decided on a lilac colored nail polish and a clear top coat. sissy’s nails are trimmed and pretty, and ready for inspection.

Please review my submitted pictures, and let sissy know if there are any other suggestions to help her establish a more girlish essence.

Thank you Mistresses and Superiors! (Curtsey)

sissy amber


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