First Date
jodiv | 04.07.2016 | Assignments - Getting Real

The first date with a man was perfect. We met at a bar were he bought me a couple drinks and chatted. He was fabulously engaging and a perfect gentleman. As we left he helped me with my coat , opening doors and even took the keys of the car so he could drive. This was fabulous and of course I knew that soon I would return the favor.

When we arrived at the hotel room. He immediately grabbed me and start kissing me passionately. Obviously we were both anxious for what came next. I gently reminded him not to get to carried away just yet as he wanted to shower. I lit candles and put on a sexy negligee making sure I provided an inviting scenario when he walked back into the room. Immediately I knew he was pleased as he had a big smile on his face as he walked in.

He crawled in bed, we immediately started making out. He obviously loved what the results of the hormones (38 C). He played and kissed my breasts for what seemed like hours making comments about how perfect they are. It was wonderful to please him. It felt fabulous. Occasionally he would suck to hard and it hurt but it was a good hurt.

Eventually he ordered me to spend time on manhood. It was perfect sized, not to small,not to big. I started slowly and teasingly by licking it along the shaft and giving special attention to the tip. Eventually I took it all in my mouth. By his movements it was obvious that this pleased him. After a while he grabbed me by the back of the head and thrust his penis down my throat. This caused me to gag but in order to please him I made sure he could not tell. I quickly learned that if I place my hand on the lower part of his penis he could not thrust so deep and it allowed him to thrust and have the same sensation.

Eventually he said he wanted to be inside me. He laid on his back while I placed the condom on him and made sure we were well lubricated. I then sat on his penis while he played with my boobs. At first it hurt so I had to slow down, eventually it was better. After a while he rolled me over and had me place my legs over his shoulders while he entered me. This was absolutely spectacular. I felt no pain has he entered me even later when he he began to pound real hard. I felt so womanly at this moment.

Eventually he finished, we talked and I gave him a message while we basked in the afterglow. After some time I brought him back to his car.

When I returned to the hotel room, I pulled out my favorite vibrator and brought myself to completion while reliving the events of he night in mind.

What a perfect night.


  1. Thank Goodness We got the full dish. I was concerned you were being safe honey, but it sounds like you were not only safe – but you finished yourself off in the Hotel Room afterwards – Now that’s a Sissify girl!

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