Tucked in Panties
alissar | 02.08.2016 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Hello Mistresses,

This sissy is ready to report on her tucking exercises. Although there are various forms of tucking, sissy alissa primarily uses the tape method. It’s extreme the way she uses it, but as sissy alissa is usually shaved, she feels that it is her best option and hope that Mistress agrees. First of all, alissa pushes her sissy ovaries back to where they belong and then lays her sissy clit straight down and uses the extra skin from her sissy labia to cover her clit to meet in the middle. sissy alissa then uses a dab of super glue to where her sissy labia meets, and waits for it to set. Then she uses a strip of tape to secure it. she continues in this way until she comes to the end of her sissy clit and leaves a little hole at the bottom.

There are multiple reasons that alissa does this method, and she hopes that Mistress finds these acceptable. sissy alissa leaves the hole at the bottom to allow for urination. Because sissy’s little clit is pointing in the correct direction when tucked and sitting down, it allows for proper urination practices and also reminds sissy to wipe herself when done. It creates a smooth feminine line that sissy tried to show in pictures labeled 2 and IMG 1371. The glue also makes sure that if the tape gets wet, it will not loose adhesion, this causing sissy to constantly readjust her self…this wold be so un-lady like and sissy believes Mistress would not be happy with that.

Being tucked this way also reminds sissy that she is always under Mistress’ control. No matter what position, sissy’s clit is always out of reach to sissy. sissy alissa tried her best to show this in pictures. It constantly reminds sissy that sissy’s clit is not her’s to play with and is to be released only on Mistress’ order, thus reducing the chance of sissy cheating except on her approved days.

It also reminds sissy to be lady like in her actions towards others. How can a sissy be dominant towards any other person when she is constantly reminded of how she MUST sit, go to the bathroom and unable to grab her sissy clit to satisfy herself?

As always, sissy hopes and Mistress is having a great day!

sissy alissa



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