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My special day

avasmith | 02.08.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy is increadible thankful to being allowed to masterbate today. After this sissy received her approved fantasy for the day this sissy was overwelmed with joy and excitement. As this sissy began to masterbate through her only pair on panties, this sissy began to feel utterly humilated on how far she has fallen. Along with following the instructions in the notification she recieved, this sissy also follow the guide lines laid out in the sissy assignment. For the first time ever this sissy has now tasted the sweet and slightly salty taste of her own juice, reminding her further that she will never be able to recover. This only wishes she could have more special days. This sissy was shocked and stunned about how much detail the fantasy goes into and was strangely arroused by things she didn’t think imaginable.

Thankyou, Mistresses of the House for allowing this sissy to masterbate and allow her release.

Love From,
Your newest sissy


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