Safety and first meetings
jodiv | 04.03.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

Dear Mistress,

Primping all day and shopping for a new dress went unrewarded again. Last night the local gay bar had tranny exotic dancers. I wore my most revealing dress and sprayed on female pheromones all hoping to attract a male to service. This should be the perfect opportunity to prove my ability to completely serve a stranger. The establishment had multiple bars only one was open. It was a cheers type setting. The clientele was all paired up males playing bingo. I joined in while waiting for the exotic dancers to start and the drag show to begin.

The exotic dancing was disappointing. There were only few people there and no single gentlemen. The strippers did not dance much, rather talked to those in attendance. One was from my home town which allowed for a very nice discussion. She spent 10 thousand dollars on her breasts. Not to brag but the hormones worked much better on me than then the surgeon on her. I had many compliments on my cleavage.

In the end, I went back to the hotel alone. Thankfully there are always toys. There is one in particular that was enjoyable, it pumps in and out and has a vibrant vibrating rabbit. The rabbit sits nicely against my big clitty as the fake penis works itself in and out. Of course this was not done to completion. That is being saved for the lucky gentleman.

How do I find a gentlemen to serve?


  1. You poor thing! I bet that was frustrating. But I have some answers for you!

    First thing is those probably aren’t “tranny exotic dancers”, but “Drag Queens”. Very very different. The drag queen lives her life as a femme bottom, but always male. Gay men aren’t interested in sissies honey – they want a man with a tight bottom. 🙂 So, the trick is to find a “tranny bar” where “tranny chasers” go – not a “gay bar”. I have actually found that gay bars and hotels are the safest places to hang out if you DON’T want to be hit on. Let’s do some research about your next club!

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