Evening with Master

First meetings

jodiv | 04.05.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

Dear Mistress,

Yesterday it finally happened. A date with a gentlemen is arrange for tonight. He is taking me to a bar for a drink and dancing, am so so excited.

I hope he will make pay me repay him for his kindness. The though of feeling releasing inside is so exciting. Maybe he will have the stamina to also require me to swallow.

This day is not going to go fast enough.


  1. Madame Stewart

    Excited for you honey! But you need to tell Us what you are going to do to keep your self safe. I felt like I’m left without knowing how it went! So now I’m kind of frustrated and worried about you! You must tell Us how it went, immediately! If not sooner!

Something to share sweetie?