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jodiv | 04.03.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Beauty Secrets

Dear Mistress,

Yesterday’s makeover training went very well. The lady teaching me so so sweet and very kind. She did a electronic color match allowing for the perfect foundation and concealer. Well two concealers for covering the dark under eye circles. It worked magnificently. She confirmed that my daily colors were the correct ones. Those were chosen based on research that is done daily in beauty magazines and on line. Some of the tricks learned in this manner actually were better than what she did such as the lipstick and eye liner.

She even commented on the softness of my skin. The hormones truly are a miraculous thing.

After the makeover it was time to head off to properly take of my nails. False nails are so so awesome. The nail tech talked me into gel nails which look beautiful and so feminine. Having proper manicured nails is one of my most favorite things.

I cant wait to find out what today brings.



  1. Madame Stewart

    Your nails look lovely! But wasn’t this a “Pretty Face” assignment? After hearing about your consultation and the wild digital skin tone classifier – I wanted to see a pic of your face with this new foundation – but alas – I just got a pic of your pretty nails.

    Next time, please submit TWO Assignment Reports – one for each instead of combining them honey.

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