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Dear Mistress and Superiors

As part of sissy martine’s trainings to present the feminine hair free body a good sissy should have at all times s.he took the pretty pink razor and slightly scented shaving gel bought for the occasion and set it ready for use.

Firstly s.he was too dirty and took a long hot shower cleaning h.erself from head to toes. Once done the gel was applied forming a rich foam and s.he smothered it up he.r foot and legs up to he.r knees. The first strokes with the pink razor when applied caused sissy martine to feel a loss of masculinity and an increasing desire to continue obediently removing that disgusting leg hair. s.he continued this all the way up he.r legs revealing for the first time he.r true sissy girl legs and couldn’t help but stroke them many times.

Next sissy martine then lathered up he.r sissy clitty and removed that horrible pubic hair and watched those pathetic round things shy away up into he.r

Finally s.he removed arm, belly, chest and bottom hair (the bottom was tricky but now looks like a nice sissy pussy ready to be used).

After drying off sissy martine applied pretty pink nail varnish to he.r toes and took pictures to share on

s.he has put on he.r black stocking/tights, pretty pink knickers and most sissy ‘SISSY’ anklet and awaits he.r SO to return to check on he.r housework.

Mistress and Superiors – many thanks for taking me sissy martine here for training and s.he is eager to learn and please all her Superiors – curtsy

Sissy martine – truly yours


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