introducing lavinia

sissylavi | 06.19.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

Dear Superiors,

this is a humble introduction of this sissy to the House
usually this sissy has naughty thoughts when home alone so she decided that it is time for a change. it needs to get in line with what s.he saw on this site. touching her clitty could be replaced with something useful. so lavinia got dressed in her maid attire and did a proper cleaning of the kitchen and her bedroom. not such a big issue but found it more exciting to do it while dressed up thinking of what would be to do this more often 😀



  1. margeaux

    Hi lavinia! Very brave of you to introduce yourself! That must have been a really important decision you made to create the change you feel you need to be more in tune with what you want to become. you’ll be cheered on by this girl to continue with your studies 😀 Keep that determination!

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