Serve your Superior!

The Zen of Servitude

quietlisten | 11.05.2016 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy loves this Assignment. It would be so easy to slip into and out of “sissy mode,” only thinking about it when wearing overtly sissy clothing. But the mindset must be part of the sissy’s being. To do that, aggressive masculine attributes and thoughts must be whittled away, banished as they are discovered.

Girl’s masculine ego is worried about moving towards a lack of personal freedom. But the arousal she feels at the thought tells her that this is inevitable.

Being pantied is wonderfully symbolic of this mindset, masculinity a silly facade. It feels wonderful to know that this sissy is emasculated every moment, free from having to be something she is not. Sure, the thin disguise can be maintained for the sake of society, but reality is in the behaviors, driven by the attitude that makes a sissy a sissy.

Girl was sent to stand in the corner by a Mistress years ago and delighted in the feeling of powerlessness that this created. After reading this assignment, this sissy stood in the corner with a book on her head for several minutes and will make time to do so in the future. It created a strong sense of being trained in humility and posture at the same time.

This sissy became mildly aroused reading the list of qualities to eradicate and adopt. She loves being passive and obedient.

This sissy has a small “checklist” taped to the bottom of her computer monitor that helps her think through her day before heading out of the office. She will add the key Redemption items to this list.

This seems to be a lesson worth coming back to in the future.

It is a little intimidating to be filing a report that will become part of this sissy’s “permanent record.” Again, sissy likes the feeling of having to commit to transparency and judgement by Superiors. The House could become a very addicting place for this sissy.

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