Hairless soft and smooth
whoami | 04.06.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy for the first time since her conception in this life is hairless from the neck down.

When this sissy decided that it was time to devote herself further into the sissy lifestyle she drew herself a hot bath and began by soaking herself in the tub to maximize her softness and to make this task easier on her skin. After soaking this sissy began to get to work, being extra careful with her shaving as this sissy is not very agile with her left hand. After getting through my arms, this sissy noticed the time it began to dawn on her that the amount of effort women put into being flawless is extraordinary. After coming to this realization this sissy set to the task with extra enthusiasm and giddiness, it makes this sissy feel so happy and vulnerable to be completely hairless. One of the best experiences this sissy has had in all her life, this will most definitely become routine especially since i enjoy the soft feeling of my skin after removing all that yucky hair!


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