The Zen of Servitude

sissyerin92 | 05.07.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Hello Superiors,

This sissy humbly asks for you to review some of the work s.he has done since joining this wonderful house of sissification. Admittedly, to start with, this sissy was arrogant and took this wonderful training program to be a farce. However, in the days since, s.he has double down on efforts to become the best submissive sissy that s.he can be. In relation to this assignment, this sissy would like to point out that s.he has kept her little clitty behind soft bikini panties since s.he finally gained the courage to buy he.r own a few days ago (even in public). S.he also has kept he.r little feet behind the cute socks that s.he purchased. S.he plans on getting more clothing soon. This sissy has been training he.r mouth and boipussy for service daily, s.he keeps her little clitty tucked and crushed at all times, s.he now sits to tinkle, making sure he.r legs are together and respectable. This sissy walks in the fashion described at almost all times, wiggling he.r firm bottom to any, offering invitation. S.he has refrained from playing with he.r little clitty, trying hard to make it through the minimum week that s.he was demanded to endure. This sissy admittedly had one mistake, but will now try even harder to please he.r Superiors. This sissy plans to purchase a cute cage for he.r useless little clitty, to make mistakes impossible. This sissy wishes only to be a perfect servant to the Mistresses of the House, and anyone that They deem Superior to this worthless little sissy wanna-be. This sissy has realized that s.he has been a silly wanker, and is actively trying at every moment to change he.r mental and physical state of perfect subservience.

This sissy thanks you for spending your precious time reading he.r pathetic story, and hopes that the Superiors will rightly punish he.r for grammatical and philosophical mistakes.

sissy erinb


  1. Madame Stewart

    I think this was a good report of what you are focusing on honey, and I can feel your intention behind your words. But… I must point Out that you never mention actually serving anyone but yourself! I know it may come as a shock to a sissy who is trying so hard to be good… but it’s important you focus your attention on the Service to Women and the Divine Feminine to actualize this Assignment.

    Also! A chastity cage is a punishment device, and should not be used to avoid tucking. Take a look at the “Ask the Mistress” on this very important topic.

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