Safety and first meetings

Safety for sissies

jamieslace | 05.27.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

This sissy loved the advice for safely meeting a Man in the real world. s.he has set up he.r meeting for breakfast at McDonalds for he.r first date’ s.he is looking forward to meeting he.r man and getting to know Him. Plus, this will be the first man to know jamie as he.r true sissy self. s.he has been dressed as a girl in front of Men before, but in a non sexual manor. Our first meeting is just that, a meet and greet, suggested by Him. Possible touching and kissing may occur. this sissy is extremely excited at the thought of touching her first Real Penis, as he.r’s is a tiny clit in comparison. s.he hopes to have an update and pictures soon. As always, thank you House and Madame Stewart for your guidance, Love you all, jamie


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