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The Secret Sissy Report

vanessa-kitty | 06.13.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

Dear Beloved Mistresses,

this sissy believes that this assignment “The Secret Sissy” was very helpful for he.r. s.he learned many things that will help he.r on he.r journey to sissyhood.

Every Day’s a sissy Day

“A day without panties is like a day without sunshine.” this sissy understands and accepts what this quote and will follow this in the future. This sissy will always be pantied. To achieve this, this sissy must buy the right kind of panties. s.he will stick to solid colours, trim tags off of he.r new panties. s.he’ll avoid lace and bows in order to hide pretty sissy panties. In addition to he.r panties, this sissy can wear a sexy lace tank top under he.r male clothes to boost he.r femininity.

On top of all this sissy will be tucked at all times. he.r sissy clitty must be tucked back and s.he must always sit while going to the washroom. Both of these actions force this sissy to retain a sissy posture throughout the day. Bubble baths can also serve to increase this sissy’s femininity and work to soften he.r skin at the same time. This should be taken advantage of by a good sissy. Lotions designed to soften and protect skin are also a great commodity for a sissy. This sissy will be sure to make proper use of both these methods in order to soften and feminize he.r skin.

Stealthy Shopping

Shopping for feminine clothing can be quite scary to some sissies, this sissy included. To help ease the fear this sissy could go to another town and browse there, where no one would recognize he.r Alternatively – or in addition to – this sissy could go shopping during “low traffic times” such as during the day or right before close. It would help to visit a store that sells more than just feminine clothing, cosmetics, or lingerie. To go to a store which carries all sorts of products.

It is important for sissy to remember that a large portion of feminization is internal, in both the body and mind. Feminization is about feeling different emotions and a change in behaviours. A sissy needs to exercise he.r girly mind, expand he.r understanding of feminine. And finally try to embody the sissy spirit. This will be this sissy goal moving forward.

Become one of the Girls

In order to become the best sissy s.he can this sissy must also learn how to be kind, helpful, and understanding because these traits eventually lead to increased submissiveness, a trait that should be goal for a good sissy to succeed. And this is in truth the goal that The House of Sissify Mistresses have set for all Their sissy girls, and this sissy is humbled by the teachings and guidance that The House of Sissify Mistresses have laid out for this sissy. Through Their training program sissy’s Mistresses intend for he.r to become and better person and to take an increased interest in Female and all it’s many forms and teachings.

Throw out the porn

To accomplish sissy’s Mistresses goals for he.r and he.r own goals as well sissy must also change the way s.he gets aroused. This is turn will help sissy to become more in tune with he.r Lovers and he.rself. Some orders that the House Mistresses have given to sissy are absolute and therefore from now on sissy will no longer look at porn. Instead sissy will read Female erotica written for and by women, and sissy will read romance novels. This will help sissy to “…develop the sensibilities of the Fairer sex…”, become a better lover, and also teach sissy to learn he.r Lover’s passions and to surprise he.r Betters with he.r knowledge.

To assist sissy in learner he.r place s.he must be attentive towards he.r housework, keep he.r promises, and remember that a selfish sissy is a boring sissy and a boring sissy is useless to he.r Mistresses.


  1. katielynne

    This is a wonderful report, and this maid could learn much from you. Hearing about the changes that sissy vanessa kitty has already made, and the changes that are planned are inspiring.

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